Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Well, Anyway, It's Good To See You Again

Keeping in the cinematic vein of the previous post, I feel compelled to give a double recommendation for the movies released lately by two (well, really three) of America's best modern filmmakers: Paul Thomas Anderson and the Coen Brothers.

I hesitate to call the Coen Brothers' No Country for Old Men and Anderson's There Will Be Blood "comebacks," since I was never of the opinion that they'd really waned (I often feel people are too harsh on the Coen Brothers' latest films, and Anderson's Punch Drunk Love was an under-celebrated masterpiece of squirming acting, color, and sound). But to say that these two latest are two of their respective best I don't think is putting things too generously.

Above all, Anderson and the Coen Brothers are master storytellers who had me leaving the theatre inspired. It's good to see them back commanding the screen. Now back to cursing under my breath at previews until the next ones come out.


CresceNet said...
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farts and ice cream, or: down a rocky road said...

ha, new banner! i totally saw it, paul. no hiding new banners from me. it looks good, too. and: be sure that i will catch up with mr. anderson and those coens soon. that cinestar at potsdam square had better get their copies quickly. if not, (with Iorek "you wish to ride me?" Byrnison's voice) there will be blood!

at least the days of bloody beef are counted. i've moved on to rabbit angstrom. i'm sure i'll build up quite some muscles while reading this monster of a book.

Paul Hornschemeier said...

As if Berlin hasn't had enough problems without someone rampaging in protest of cinematic poverty? Poor Berlin, it can't ever catch a break.

Good luck with your new Updike Workout.