Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Farewell, Donald

Donald J. Sobol. 1924-2012.

Sampson Monster

There are seven stages to looking at this Johnny Sampson poster. But almost all of them are being jealous you didn't draw it and buying it because it's so gorgeous. Or anyway, those were my stages.

Books and Bread

The problem with most book review/recommendation sites is that they don't tell you how to bake delicious treats. Fortunately the site Good Day Sunshine has solved this problem. And I was very glad to see Life with Mr. Dangerous paired with Zucchini Bread, a family favorite my mother made when my sisters and I were young.

The Staff Brigadier General Who Wasn't

If you haven't heard of the bizarre case of this couple, Albrecht Muth and Viola Drath, and the murder that resulted from their... do I call it love? dysfunction?... then I don't think I can possibly summarize it. I can only thank my wife a million times over for pointing me to this, one of the best and strangest profiles of a man I have ever read. Thank you.

Brand New Bag For Jackie No-Name

I've expressed my admiration of Tim Lane's work on this blog before, so of course I was happy to see him launch his amazing new web site.

Take a look around, wonder at the detail, play the Belligerent Piano.

Stanley Kubrick Interview

A must listen for any film buffs, Open Culture has an excellent interview with Stanley Kubrick, conducted in November of 1966 while Kubrick was working on 2001: A Space Odyssey. A link to an mp3 of the interview, as well as Kubrick's annotations on the New Yorker's piece is here.

Björk and Moomins

Together at last. (This has been out for a while, but I'd only just come across it unfortunately.) Gorgeous and weird as one would expect.

Blog Binge

I've been absent from posting to the blog for the month of July. My apologies. I promise it's been for good reasons. But to make up for lost time, today I'll be posting a heap of things, events, videos, etc. that I've been meaning to note over the past month or so. Now then, here come the posts...