Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Psychedelia Robots, Get Well Steve

Now that this seems to be in the public sphere (not being one to keep up on catalogs or promotional materials for the series, I never know what images are "out there" or not), I have to share this cover, from "Omega the Unknown" issue seven. When I was coloring this (a bit nerve-racking, coloring art from Gary Panter, inarguably one of the best artists working in comics), I assumed that the result would cause Marvel to have a collective heart attack. But to my surprise they sent it through unscathed, and the result is one of the more bizarre covers Marvel's produced in recent memory. Just wait until you see Gary's pages. Fletcher Hanks, you've got a challenger.

On a more somber note, my best wishes to Steve Gerber, the creator of "Omega" (and the more universally known "Howard the Duck") who is in the middle of some very serious health problems. Despite the somewhat ominous prognosis, we all wish Steve, one of the more original voices mainstream comics has seen in the past couple decades, the best.

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