Sunday, January 6, 2008

Punk's (And The Rest of Music's) Not Dead

I missed this with my previous post about David Byrne interviewing Thom Yorke for Wired Magazine (and thanks to my brother-in-law Dan for catching it): David Bryne also wrote an insightful and inspiring article about the current state of music (essentially what it's always been: a psychological and social compulsion toward and celebration of sound, rhythm, etc.) and the music industry (changing radically in the face of modern technology and putting commercial fear into major record executives going from being mega super rich to merely super rich). Again, if time allows, be sure to listen to the mp3 interviews Byrne conducted with Brian Eno, Mac McCaughan, Aimee Mann's manager Michael Hausman, and Radiohead's manger Bryce Edge.

This seems mandatory reading and listening for any musician or independent label head. Those soon-to-be merely super rich major label CEO's may want to give it a read too. Feel free to pass the link on to "their people" We'll do lunch.

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Shannon Lewis said...

Though I don't do very much drinking, one of the last times I was really tipsy was in a Bar in Athens, GA, on New Years Eve 2001...with the violinist from David Byrne's band and the current bassist for Over the Rhine. Good peoples.