Friday, January 6, 2012

The Country Doctor

LIFE has done us all a service by posting Eugene Smith's amazing "Country Doctor" photo essay. What's more, they've included eleven previously unreleased photos from the same series. It's impossible to look through this photo series and be unmoved. If you are unmoved, please see a doctor.

Map It Yourself (MIY)

Imus Geographics has won the "Best of Show" award at the Cartography and Geographic Information Society's annual competition. The great thing about this is that Imus Geographics is... David Imus. One guy. In a farmhouse outside of Eugene, Orgeon. You can read the story and David's amazing attention to detail here.

First Science Fiction Convention, 1937

Pictured above are Walter Gillings, Arthur C. Clarke, and Ted Carnell, in front of Theosophical Hall, the site where, in 1937, the first science fiction convention was held. Ah, those clothes, that style. It's a long way from nacho-eating dudes in Star Trek gear.