Monday, January 7, 2008

Our Lives As Doppelgängers

I, along with probably everyone else, have been approached many times over with: "You know who you look like?" or "You know who you remind me of?" This is followed by anything ranging from the observer's cousin to some actor whose name escapes them. In most cases, I have no idea how to respond this, as I'm sure we all don't. Typically we don't know the person to whom we're being compared so we obviously don't have the liberty of joining in the appraisal. But I seem to always have the honor of "looking just like" people with whom I see no resemblance. Recent example: my friend Brad insists I'm a dead ringer for John Edwards. I think I look more like Hilary, frankly.

But the omniscient promotional guru of Fantagraphics, Mr. Eric Reynolds, mailed me today with one that I had to concede. The subject line of his message: "You look like AC Newman." Alright, I give. This one's sort of weirdly accurate. Look for me on stage at the next New Pornographers show.


derya said...

i must politely disagree. He would look like you if he were handsomer. He does have a charming lisp tho.

Paul Hornschemeier said...

Well, shucks... thanks.

But I'll have to work on that lisp.