Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Giant's Hair is a Slide: Awe-inspiring Playgrounds

There are playgrounds that still live in my head, and always will, because of their design.

It's a difficult balance to strike,... making the playground unique and fostering creativity and play, rather than simply acting out some predetermined story (this is a pirate ship! act like you're on a ship!).

I'm a big believer in letting kids write the story when it comes to playing (rather than spelling it all out, as a lot of toys do these days). And these ingeniously designed playgrounds do an amazing job of reframing reality, destroying scale and the everyday, so that they only suggest the beginning of something much larger (or smaller). Kids can create the rest.

I'm sure they're making powerful memories along the way.

Savant of the Subways

Last week I contributed a few illustrations to a piece on Narrative.ly, all about subway geekery. Give it a read/look.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Spaces and Steeds

Episodes 10 and 11 of Forlorn TV took us to outer space and the island nation of Kua. This week we'll venture into... the exotic world of mass transit.

There Is No Bear: Muppet Camera Tests

The only rule in the world of The Muppets is they never address that they're puppets. Which makes the existential dialog in the first few minutes of these tests all the sweeter.

Also the bit where an actual cow almost licks Kermit.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sexual Entrepreneur

If you missed it earlier in the week, be sure to take a drive with the latest episode of Forlorn TV, featuring guest storyteller Joe McAdam.

Everyone who survived the 70s did it their own way. Some did it with cocaine, others with smooth jams. And others rented out their mangina to the highest bidder.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

MoCCA 2014

It's MoCCA time once again. If you're in New York or the surrounding area, stop by the Fantagraphics table and say hi. I'll be there signing on both days of the convention, with copies of Bygone and other odds and ends in tow.

The details:

MoCCA Arts Fest 2014
April 5th and 6th
69th Regiment Armory
Tables A20-23

Saturday Signing Schedule:
11am-1pm Dash Shaw & Kim Deitch
1-2pm Chuck Forsman & Paul Hornschemeier
2-3pm Robert Williams & Chuck Forsman & Paul Hornschemeier

3-4pm Joost Swarte & Justin Hall & Leslie Stein
4-6pm Jesse Reklaw & Julia Gfrörer

Sunday Signing Schedule:
11am-1pm Julia Gfrörer & Justin Hall
1-2pm Robert Williams & Chuck Forsman & Paul Hornschemeier
2-3pm Joost Swarte & Chuck Forsman & Paul Hornschemeier

3-4pm Leslie Stein & Kim Deitch & Jesse Reklaw
4-5pm Kim Deitch & Jesse Reklaw