Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Secret Life Of Residency

This has already trickled its way out onto various blogs, but I wanted to be sure to post it here as well: The Columbus Museum of Art and Thurber House are launching a Graphic Novelist Residency, and I'm honored to be the inaugural recipient.

From March 19th to April 6th, I will be residing in the boyhood home of James Thurber, working on new projects, as well as doing a variety of events around town. Having been an admirer of Thurber's work since my own childhood, and having started my comics career in earnest in Columbus, deciding to answer the residency's invitation in the affirmative took little debate.

For more information about the residency go here or for updates from the museum here. And more information about Thurber House is here.

If you'll be in the Columbus area during my time in town, I'll hope to see you at one event or another. I'll be the one sketching an inordinate amount of whimsical dogs.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Think, Weep

I'm a bit behind on the blog posts, but every day there's a new something or other on The Daily Forlorn. If you won't be swayed by me cajoling you, please consider the plight of ThinkBeard and the Weeperjack. Those guys, they really take it seriously.

Farewell, Jan

Jan Berenstain. 1923-2012.

Prepare Ye The Way of Space Ducks

Seeing this story was like rushing down the stairs on comics-publishing-Christmas morning: Boom! Comics will be releasing Space Ducks by Daniel Johnston. Yes, please.

Finally, the universe got its shit together.

A Great Picture

This is a great picture.

I have nothing further to add.

Kelly Link's Stone Animals

I was honored to do an illustration in the letterpress-covered chapbook of Stone Animals, by the inimitable Kelly Link. There are a ton of great illustrators and illustrations in the book (and sales from the book go to charity), so even if you've had the pleasure of reading it before in one of her collections, I'd highly recommend picking it up. If you haven't read the story before: cry about that misfortune for a few minutes, then hurry up and buy the book.