Friday, January 4, 2008

Barack in Iowa

I don't typically get on any sort of political soapbox in public (though those who have the poor judgment to know me are forced to hear me rant about these sorts of things all too often). But I have to say how happy I was hearing that Barack Obama won Iowa last night. To say it was historically significant was putting it mildly, and I hope it's only the first in a long string of wins leading to the White House. Barack, from my perspective, is precisely the sort of person our nation needs at this point in our history (a point at which, to a large degree, I wish we had never arrived, given the avoidable/predictable nature of some of the crises we face).

Thanks, Iowa, for starting things off.


Mary said...

Yeah, yeah, Iowa was monumental.... but where did you find that picture? It's perfect. I think I'm gonna get that tattoo.

Paul Hornschemeier said...

Honestly I was just looking for the Obama logo and came across it. Too good to pass up, right? Right.