Monday, October 1, 2007

How I Lost Forty Pounds

Radiohead's done it again. Or anyway: they're going to. While I respect Radiohead's abilities as musicians and am constantly amazed at their ability to evolve and remain relevant, it's their insistence on ever greater autonomy and artistic freedom that has won me over more than any one song or album could. And since outlasting their contract with their major label, they've resisted any obvious paths and, thus far, are releasing their new album "In Rainbows" solely through their own web site. To do this with their ability to have any label of their choosing frothing at the mouth to put at their work, well, that's impressive (albeit arguably a bit insane and massive an undertaking... but if they can pull it off, well, there's a nicely sized fiscal finger flipped to the record industry). We'll see what happens October 10th.

The "discbox" (below) that they're advertising comes with a mountain of goods that I'm afraid I won't be able to resist. At forty British pounds, I'm sold. I salute their independence with a lighter pocketbook.


Anonymous said...

this is the closest i've ever come to mashing the keyboard, throwing a credit card at the screen, and hoping that constitutes a transaction.

after a couple of deep breaths, i think i managed to purchase whatever it is they're selling me in a more orderly fashion.


Paul Hornschemeier said...

I'm not sure your transaction went through, but I know what you mean. I tried to pull the discbox though the screen, but it didn't pan out too well.

tom said...

I pretty much bought it before I even knew what I was doing... it just looks too nice to even have to decide whether or not to get it.
btw, I hadn't looked at your blog in a long time, and only just saw the post where you thanked me for coming to the book event in Brooklyn; thanks for the nod! and sorry I havent been in touch in awhile. glad to see everything going so well


Paul Hornschemeier said...

I know what you mean. As Bo said (above), I couldn't throw my money at the computer fast enough. It was disturbing, really.

No problem on the thanks. Hell: thanks again! Hopefully I'll run into at one event or another soon.