Monday, October 1, 2007

"Oh Well" (Sort Of) Storms the T-Shirt World

Though I did a small run of this shirt (printed by the always great to work with Black Hole Press here in Chicago), and included it in a wave of merchandise featured in this Sunday Service for the Holy Consumption, I never sold the "Oh Well" shirt online. But now it's up for the public to digitally nab on the t-shirt site woot. Not that Schubert, the philosophical nihilist human, cares, nor does the omniscient Anaximenes, Schubert's cat/dog (note: Schubert doesn't believe in ownership or species) fail to see how it will all turn out.

My favorite comment about the shirt as of this post: "Strange design, makes ya think weird thoughts. I like it in some odd way: I just cant wear this on a shirt."

Oh Well. As my mother would always say to us when we were young: "de gustibus non disputandum." Which I think meant we should do our homework.


Chilly S said...

I bought the shirt - love the design. This is what I posted on Woot:
This design is incredible! Makes perfect sense when you're stoned and on at 1:43 am Monday morning and you have to wake up for work at 7am... "Oh Well"....

Kudos and absolutely nothing on this shirt resembles sperm.

Now I find out it's actually based on a comic book character. I'm like how do I get this comic book and promote it to all my friends and fans so they think I am cool when I wear the shirt?

Chilly S
Who is Chilly S?

Paul Hornschemeier said...


Those characters will hopefully start appearing next year once I revive my currently dormant series Forlorn Funnies. I'm hoping to have that out for public consumption and burning sometime next summer.

Thanks for buying the shirt and for your interest in the Oh Well gang.

Chilly S said...

Very cool - since I am a huge fan of nihilism I am looking forward to it. How will I be able to obtain a copy?

chelsea said...

i have this shirt and i can wear this on a shirt. although not right now as i am as big as a house.

Paul Hornschemeier said...

Chilly: once the book is out, I'm sure I'll post something on this blog about it. The comics will be, at least initially, published by Fantagraphics (

Chelsea: Yeah, well, that's what ya get for being pregnant, isn't it?

Grapple00 said...

You wrote
"As my mother would always say to us when we were young: "de gustibus non disputandum."

Convention demands that, when citing a member of the bench, appropriate citations should be noted. Any further breaches of ettiquite shall result in immediate and total ridicule from all appropriate person funnier than I.

Regal said...

Dig the shirt, looking forward to the comics as well.

Paul Hornschemeier said...

grapple: Well, I apologize to my mother, hopefully she'll not disown me.

regal: Thanks so much. And I'm looking forward to drawing the comics (those guys are a lot of fun to draw).

chelsea said...

yes, i suppose growing a human inside your body doesn't leave much room to wear hipster t-shirts. oh, well.

or maybe i SHOULD wear it and the 'oh, well' could be in direct relation to the fact that i'm wearing a shirt that is way too small for my huge belly. hmmm.

what to do, what to do.

Leigh Walton said...

I have this shirt and wear it proudly!