Thursday, October 4, 2007

Better Living Through German Medicine

Two German imports, courtesy Juliane Graf (for a small sample of her exploits, travails, and photos, read all about our west coast trek in August's posts), that I couldn't resist forwarding. The first (taken mere weeks ago, though the aesthetic looks like it could easily predate the collapse of the Berlin Wall), above, is an erectile dysfunction ad from a Leipzig train station that Juliane translates to ""Erectile dysfunctions? A small step to the doctor, a big step for our love life." The web site? Translation: www.heroes-of-love-com. I find something a bit disturbing about the two pictured krauts being heroes of much anything, least of all the bedroom. But somehow envisioning the woman in erotica store pleather (possibly Viking?) gear and the man wearing buttless lederhosen seems oddly accurate, so, you know, maybe. Maybe.

Our second friend from Deutschland is the doctor with an all-too-flexible elbow in the central German town of Erfurt (where Juliane recently obtained her masters from The University of Erfurt, attended by such slouches as Martin Luther). Strangely enough, this fellow is beckoning (admonishing?) from the window of a mattress shop. Imagining a customer seeing this and thinking, "Why, yes, his arm is spinning spectacularly! I must purchase one of these mattresses!" brings me joy. Thinking of the Viking and lederhosen couple going through that thought process, not only brings me joy, but really needs to happen. Come on, Germany, renew my faith in comedy.


James said...

Dude, I would TOTALLY hit that. Look at the way she clutches his manhood (which I assume is located near his esophagus... I never took biology in high school).

Paul Hornschemeier said...

To say you are wise is to say some wisdom, in and of its saying. And also itself.