Thursday, September 27, 2007

Wes Anderson's Hotel Chevalier

This thirteen minute short film, free to download, is listed as "Part 1" to the upcoming feature The Darjeeling Limited, for which I, along with The Onion, can't wait.


tom said...

Let me just say you won't be disappointed with the feature; there's def parts where you can see roman coppola's influence, but it's def a wes anderson film through and through. I really really like it

Paul Hornschemeier said...

Did you see Coppola's "CQ?" I'll be interested to see if there are any similarities with this (compounding that curiosity is the fact that Coppola was second unit director of Anderson's last film), but from all images/trailers/etc. that I've seen it very much looks to be thoroughly Wes Anderson. My pal Jonathan Messinger mentioned that he feels Anderson's getting dangerously close to just becoming a genre in and of himself, repeating himself. I'm a little scared of that to. Though, his movies are so damn beautifully art directed, I give the guy a little leeway, more than I should perhaps.

tom said...

I had started watching CQ, and never got a chance to finish it... I don't know why, but I always just think of him as a music video director, which I know I shouldn't do... I still do the same thing for Spike Jonze and Michel Gondry.
I def see how Anderson is almost like his own genre in a way... but each film is so fresh while being so almost not of this era
I;m just gonna say I was not disappointed