Sunday, June 17, 2007

Rosenberg and The Big Big Little Book Book

Yesterday, one of the major surprises – and a pleasant one at that – was a gift from one Mr. Scott Rosenberg of The Washington Post (who I was fortunate enough to meet in person after being interviewed by him last week). Scott stopped by my table and in the ensuing conversation I mentioned that one of the great positives of a convention like HeroesCon is the overlooked treasures that have fallen from "mint condition" favor. And among those treasures some of my favorites are Big Little Books, those always charming hardbound books from earlier in the century.

A short while after we ended our initial conversation, Scott dropped back by with his gift, culled from a bargain bin: The Big Big Little Book Book. This map to all things Big Little features full color shots of the spines, covers, and back covers of a good many of the books, spreads from Big Little pop up books, and a history of the publishing line. It's quite extensive and, in receiving it, it was difficult to keep my composure. A salute to Mr. Rosenberg!

If time allows, I'll have to post some of the oddities I picked up on my own, but for now, I'll leave you with the recommendation of The Big Big Little Book Book. It's a bibliophile's pornography.

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