Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I Never Meant For It To End This Way

Waiting for Dustin, one of the fine individuals working for HeroesCon, to finish his announcement in the public address system booth before he and I rode the escalators up a couple flights to our pending panel, I occupied myself with a nearby exhibitor's wares. This started the avalanche.

An original page from "Angel" was propped behind the proprietor, with the original pencil layouts attached by rusted paper clip. I asked to see it, was pained by how nice of an original it was and, seeing Dustin emerging from the booth, hurriedly asked how much the piece was, expecting something involving hundreds of dollars I didn't have. Just above a yawn, the man drawled, "Eh... fifty bucks?" To me this thing was an original on par with a Kirby page, or whatever else he was selling for a couple thousand dollars, so I threw the money and ran, practically sprinting and giggling to the panel. I should probably see someone about this response, it can't possibly be healthy.

Emboldened by this, I went shopping for oddities after the panel (which Dustin moderated and to which Chris Pitzer, Chris Staros, and Mahfood lent their wisdom on the indie comic world and its workings) had finished (and thanks to the overly indulgent Scott Rosenberg for manning my table while I thumbed through decaying newsprint). I came up with some prizes, the first among them this original:

And then, the assortment of comics made by those of questionable sanity:

Those beauties in hand, I talked with Scott through the remaining crumb of the convention, and, after a short exiting discussion with Kyle Baker regarding our mutual respect for the aesthetics of Filmation, another three day geek fest drew to a close. So long, HeroesCon. Thanks to everyone who made it a pleasant stay, especially the staff and Scott "Paul Ought to Be Paying Me Commission For This" Rosenberg.

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Duffs said...

The Mendelsohn original is AMAZING! wish the final matched its looseness, but it's a pretty good gag.

Thanks for sharing!