Tuesday, June 26, 2007

East Coast Down, Mid Coast (?) Tomorrow

Baltimore and New York are behind me now. I look back on them with sleep deprived eyes and memories that are almost certainly inaccurate, but for the most part enjoyable. All I know is that during a demonstration in Columbus Circle at Central Park, where protesters garbed in military fatigues played out some obviously rehearsed performance art involving screaming and repeatedly dressing and undressing, I had a very nice conversation with a woman (after jumping behind a stone bench to retrieve her misplaced rollerblade strap) named Irene, who was apparently the mother of Jeremy Dawson, visual effects supervisor for The Life Aquatic. I almost wished she was faking her story, as her encyclopedic knowledge of that guy's career would then have been not only impressive by staggeringly creepy. Only in New York are faux militants stripping to their underwear while a movie magician's mom opens up about her sons shortcomings. I just sat back, drank my gatorade, and loved it all.

But that is the past! Now we are hurtling to the future! With every second, the meeting of Austin Grossman, Nick Bertozzi, and someone claiming to be me draws closer! The congregation can be hunted down here, but the details are thus:

Wednesday, June 27 8:00pm
Stop Smiling Storefront
1371 N. Milwaukee Avenue

I think I will be showing some sort of photographic slide show and reading a never printed article I wrote for the now re-defunct Life magazine. But nothing is certain! Except sweating. It's hot out there.

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Matt Brady said...

Hi, you probably remember me from last night, but I wrote a little thing about the evening on my blog, if you want to check it out. Thanks again!