Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Punk's Not Dead, Just Its Best Magazine

Dan Sinker, the publisher of Punk Planet, is one of my personal heroes, in addition to being one of the nicest guys in the city of Chicago. When I received the e-mail from him saying that Punk Planet magazine (for which I drew the cover of issue 56 (above)) would be closing up shop (due, in large part, to distribution collapses affecting many independent publishers (see the McSweeney's post below)), I couldn't help but be depressed. Punk Planet was one of the better publications out there, showcasing the best in punk art, music, and all around culture, and consistently debunking the falsity that punk is dead or that punk is some prepackaged three chord structure or clothespin through a jean jacket. Punk Planet was a good magazine, steered by good people, and it helped engaged individuals connect over the past thirteen years. I can't urge people enough to purchase books and magazines from them, because, though the magazine is gone for now (and will be sorely missed), Dan is one of my heroes for a reason: he will continue promoting the best elements of independent culture in any way he can. And that dedication will always have inspiring results.

Punk Planet is dead, long live Punk Planet.


Tom said...

That just sucks. Punk Planet was one of my favorite reads.

Neil Ellis Orts said...
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Neil Ellis Orts said...

Hi, Paul.

I hadn't heard this. I feel I must take full responsibility. They gave Able to..., and anthology I edited, a really good review. I should have known that a magazine that likes what I do couldn't last.


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