Thursday, June 17, 2010

This Week's Shirt (6.17.10), Last Day of Sale

This week at the Forlorn Funnies Shirt Shop: it's time for a more determined melancholy, a muscled punch of sadness.

This design was cobbled together from a promotional postcard for a show at Fantagraphics' Book Store, a print done for a gallery show in Portland, and another t-shirt for a project I can't discuss yet. Gathered from so many like parts, It's the Voltron of world-weariness. Something like that.

In other shirt news: it's worth noting that the latest shirt I did for woot is still available here for a short time and all the shirts at the Forlorn Funnies Shirt Shop are still marked down in price. I'll be running that sale for another twenty-four hours, but after that, all the shirts (other than this weeks) will be marked back up. Adorn yourself promptly!

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