Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Shirt on Woot, Shirt Shop Sale

Today through midnight, I have a shirt on sale at shirts.woot, which you can pick up for the meager price of $10. The shirt will continue to be on sale afterward, but the price goes up, so if you want a visual for pac-man's death rattle, complete with metallic grill: have at it.

For the length of the sale on woot, I'm also offering the shirts on the Forlorn Funnies Shirt Shop at a reduced price: almost all items in the shop are $15 (including the designs below). Afterward all the shirts go back up to the regular price ($20 in most cases), so clothe yourself in a hurry.

And of course, check back on Thursday for the weekly t-shirt. So many shirts! Put them all on at once and collapse of heat exhaustion!

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