Monday, November 24, 2008

"Being Drunk is The Worst Feeling of All... Except for All The Other Feelings"

Tony Millionaire always impresses, be it with "Sock Monkey" or "Maakies." His comics hold firm to a strange place between early 1900's cartoons and tomorrow's gross out humor. It's a balance not easily obtained, and only Tony could maintain it as he does.

So I was curious to see how that unlikely balance would play out in the animated version of Tony's comics: The Drinky Crow Show. I wasn't disappointed. Of course, I'm completely biased and still prefer Tony's comics to the show, but the show is pretty brilliantly put together with surprisingly high production values (from what I've heard the budget for such shows can be fairly anemic).

Give the show a watch, then decide if you need to cut off your eyes with a razor blade, blow up the world, or impregnate a pile of dirt.

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