Monday, October 13, 2008

Obama in My Home Town

A few days before I was out canvasing for Obama in northern Indiana (with the lovely and seraphically patient Emily Eirich), he was in my home town, Georgetown, Ohio. He stopped by the restaurant that's one street over from my parents' house, the restaurant whose fried goods you can smell if you stand in my parents' lawn, especially in the crisp Ohio autumn.

According to my mother, he took the above picture with like-eared Tyler Fox and said "Ear power!" before the photo was snapped.

Now come on, right wingers, if that's not adorable, what is?


Emily said...

A few weeks ago Trevor was downing piles of funnel cake and spinning on the gravitron at the Brown County Fair, and here he meets our country's hope for a sane and balanced future. Pretty awesome.

Paul Hornschemeier said...

Let's just hope the funnel cake didn't wreck the poor kid's gastrointestinal zone the way it did mine. Fair: you win. So says my guts.

Alison said...

How cute!!