Monday, October 20, 2008

Halloween Woot Wolf: Tomorrow

My contribution to Woot Shirt's "Hallowoot" series of Halloween-themed shirts will go on sale tomorrow, starting at midnight (midnight tonight, or tomorrow morning, however technical you want to be about it). I await the battling comments decrying (or defending) another sad sack design. What can I say? I love mopey monsters.


Anonymous said...

They don't seem to be diggin' it but I grabbed one because the "Wear This Shirt..." is exactly why I'd wear it.

ryan said...


Just wanted to let you know I love the shirt and wooted one for myself.

I've been regularly checking the woot shirts for almost a year and this is only the 4th one I've bought. I'm quite selective and I think the Wherewereyouwolf is hilarious. Great job.

Paul Hornschemeier said...

Thanks so much Ryan, that really made my day. A tip of the werewolf to you, sir.