Saturday, October 11, 2008

Convention Sketches

At this most recent SPX, as with any convention, I (along with myriad other artists, including Mark Burrier pictured beside me above) ended up drawing doodles and sketches here and there in people's sketchbooks. But I have to compliment those requesting the drawings for one of the widest varieties of themed sketchbooks I've ever encountered. Top prize goes to the head-spinning theme of "draw something you would never draw." I was flummoxed. It was sort of an aesthetic liar paradox. Or barber paradox. Even creating an adequate analogy is screwing with my head.

In the aftermath, I'm not sure what all I drew. I've posted a few above and below here (the themes being "Dreams" (above) and "Calvin and Hobbes" (below)), but I lost track of what happened over two days. I know someone out there has a drawing I attempted, from memory, of Panthro from Thundercats. There was a horribly botched Yellowjacket from The Avengers. A skrull drawn onto the cover of a Marvel comic? That happened somewhere in there as well. Anyone who has any other attempts, disasters, or embarrassments I'm forgetting, feel free to share. It's hard to know what I wouldn't draw when I can't remember what I've already done.

(Thanks to Vy Tran for the first two graphics, David Ryan for the last.)

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elmononegro said...

HA! I was the guy trying to get people to draw me some skrulls. In fact that picture of you at spx is actually a picture of you drawing said skrull! I will scan the cover with all the skrulls and send it to you soon. The whole cover came out better than I could have imagined. Thanks!