Thursday, October 16, 2008

Build a Time Machine, Bring Back This DVD

When I was in Bologna earlier this year, I grilled the ever-informative Paul Gravett about what was new (or at least newer) in British sketch comedy. He suggested "The League of Gentleman" and "Little Britain." Returning home, I purchased a few of the DVDs, which quickly led to acquiring the entire series of each. And I've been hooked on both ever since.

Well now the good people at HBO have had the sense to import Little Britain, in the this incarnation named Little Britain USA. If I had cable, I'd be glued to the set Sundays at 10:30.


Eric Reynolds said...

Rhea and I love Little Britain, too. We don't have HBO, tho', so if you build that time machine, let me know.

Paul Hornschemeier said...

I'll let you know... I'm trying to get someone with a TiVo to run a pipeline to my place. No luck yet.