Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Order of James Kennedy

James Kennedy, a fellow Chicagoan and friend about whom I've posted before, has just released his first book, The Order of Odd Fish, and I can't recommend it highly enough. Though I don't know that I could do it any justice in describing it. A less galactic Douglas Adams meets Lewis Carroll and HP Lovecraft? With a sprinkling of Roald Dahl and Star Wars?

Regardless, it's an amazing book, and staggering for a debut. I was honored to do the original cover for it, though the marketing powers-that-be canned it (ironically that terminated design was the publisher's own, not mine, but these are the workings of the lumbering beings we call mainstream publishing houses). Our mutual pal and Time Out Chicago book editor Jonathan Messinger wrote a piece about the book and its origins.

"A work of mischievous imagination and outrageous invention," writes Jonathan. No argument here.

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