Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Yeah, But What About Leopard Vs. Octopus?

As if nature wasn't impressive enough, it has to give us battle royales that would make any sixteen year-old metal head (or, to be fair, Dungeons and Dragons player) surrender a gravelly assessment of "sweet." Wildlife photographer Hal Brindley brings us the incredulity-inducing battle of a leopard and a crocodile and the Seattle Aquarium bring us an Octopus grappling with a shark.

A nod to Boing Boing for the land fight and Emily for the oceanic rumble.


Mary said...

I think this might be the legendary Seattle Aquarium octopus I heard about from Jeremy...

As the legend goes, an octopus at the same aquarium was SO SMART that it would actually get out of its tank at night, schbloop (this is my just-made-up word for how an octopus moves in a hallway) across the hall, and plunk into the tank across the way, where it would feast on whatever was there. Before the aquarium opened for the morning, the octopus would climb out, schbloop back, and be relaxing in its own tank as the morning staff discovered mysterious fish remains across the hall.

This could just be an embellishment of the "by the way, our octopus is eating sharks" story. But it's almost believable. That sucker is SCARY.

Paul Hornschemeier said...

I don't care if it's true. It needs to be.

Schbloop, schbloop.