Monday, August 11, 2008

Omega the Collected (and Political?)

Last week, after what's been a several year trek, we sent the hardcover collection of "Omega the Unknown" off to press. I had the opportunity to design the jacket (the book market edition of which is above), case, and text for the book, and I think everything pulled together nicely (assisted in no small part by the tireless efforts of Farel Dalrymple, who I worked to the bone to produce the extra artwork for the final volume (sorry again, Farel)). Jonathan Lethem and Karl Rusnak put together notes for ten pages of bonus material discussing the original series. I scanned the original newsprint issues for those pages. Time will tell if those scans print like poop.

Speaking of Jonathan, this gives me an opportunity to post a video (courtesy Ed Piskor) of Jonathan discussing comics, writing, editing, etc. with Daniel Clowes at MoCCA. They cover a lot of territory, so while the quality might be hit and miss (watch for James Sturm's noggin to come into and out of the frame), there are plenty of interesting moments to make it worth a viewing.

And in a case of pure strangeness, Jonathan recently past along a link to this article on the McCain campaign site. Given the comic book reference (Superman, unless they're invoking a Nietzschean Übermensch) in the penultimate paragraph, it lends credence to the interpretation that this is some sort of play on Omega the Unknown, but... really? Is the Right trying to snag the hardcore 1970s comic nerd vote? In what universe are we living?

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