Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Easy Listening with Chuckles and Goldilocks

When my pal Henry Owings of Chunklet Magazine mentioned the possibility of interviewing Paul F. Tompkins (of whom I've been a big fan since his Mr. Show days and whose album, Impersonal, has been a long time coming), I couldn't help but do a bit of research and hope nobody else grabbed the interview first. Though I wasn't the lucky soul who ended up interviewing Mr. Tompkins, in my brief research I came across this (above) great rendition of "Baby It's Cold Outside" with Tompkins and Aimee Mann (of whom I'm also a fan).

Trivia worthy: both of these talented crooners (Aimee just possibly a bit more talented than Paul in that department) have a connection to director Paul Thomas Anderson, she through the soundtrack of Magnolia, and he through his appearance in There Will Be Blood.

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