Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dead Bodies Rock Cook County

My pal John Huston (one of the three skulls invested in the inimitable Ape Ray) was on – or more accurately John's writing was on – The Tonight Show, during the "Headlines" segment. Typically this segment highlights the screw ups and momentary ignorance of the good people who man our nation's newspapers. Fortunately in John's case his "headline" was just good ol' ironic writing, and certainly a lot better than most of the tripe Leno's writers hack out each night. Leno owes him a paycheck, in my opinion.

Further Huston hubbub: if you're in the Chicago area on Saturday, be part of the final show of John's band, the uber-inimitable Grackles. This Chicago institution will be pulling up the floorboards and singeing the ceiling of Ronny's (2205 N. California Ave.), so buy John the beer Leno's too cheap to reimburse.

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