Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Thurber Days, Part Two: A Walk To The Garden

And here's part two of my pictures from my stay in Columbus. As I warned before, I don't tend to take pictures that provide much of a documentation of the area in which I'm staying. (Ample evidence of that is that I stayed in a two bedroom apartment in Thurber House for three weeks and took no pictures of the apartment itself.) I'll easily spend a half hour photographing a slab of concrete and ignore the thing I "should have" photographed. I can't really explain it... put simply, I have no idea what I'm doing. So enjoy these photos!


The pictures above and below are of sculptures outside Columbus Museum of Art. The Museum is about a block from Thurber House, so I walked by these all the time when going to get lunch or dinner. (Recommendation: sweet potato fries at Tip Top. Excellent.)

From the museum, I crossed the street and shot around a million pictures of my new favorite building: the Motorists building. Good God, do I love this building. It's so perfectly boring! Anything could be happening in there and probably doesn't! I could shoot pictures of it all day.

This great parking garage and the polar bear (maybe it's a polar bear? anyway, that's what I decided it must be) were right across from one another. What's the story that connects them? That's how far too many books get started in my head.

From there I reached my destination for this particular walk... one of my favorite places in Columbus: Topiary Park. Topiary Park isn't necessarily the most gorgeous park or garden, but the bizarreness of its centerpiece – a recreation of Seurat's "Un dimanche après-midi à l'Île de la Grande Jatte" in shrub form – appeals to me in so many ways that I've always loved coming here and just contemplating it. The thought process, the approval, the maintenance of it... it's all pretty fascinating.

On this visit to the park, there were some excellent ducks that were disagreeing with one another and putting on quite the air and water show. And the only thing better than ducks going nuts in a topiary park is two little blonde twins losing their minds with glee at witnessing ducks going nuts in a topiary garden. You can just barely see the little fowl enthusiasts in one of these shots.

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