Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Thurber Days, Part One: House and Grounds

Here's the first of three installments of the pictures I took during my residency at Thurber House in Columbus, Ohio. (My apologies for the quality of some of these pictures: I was still working out the variables of a recently acquired camera, so some exposures weren't quite what I intended.)

To explain briefly about the house's setup: The two bedroom apartment is in the attic of the house, and roped away from tour groups and guests. The second floor is offices and Thurber's bedroom. Also there is a chamber pot (hopefully no longer in use). The main floor is where people enter (naturally) and also houses the gift shop. Whenever I would go out (which was rare in the first couple weeks, due to my somewhat insane work schedule), I would literally exit (and enter) through the gift shop. During the day this is quaint, delightful. There's a gift shop in the place where you live! How odd! At night, though... well, it's a little creepy. You feel like you've accidentally broken into a museum (which you sort of have, except they gave you the keys) or someone's house (and you're sort of doing that too, except they know you're there and occasionally offer you cookies).

Outside the house, there are various Thurber statues of dogs at play or reading. Everything was green with spring when I was there, and the dogs were kind enough to let me get some shots of them.

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Paul Karasik said...

More please.

Is there an owl in the attic?