Friday, May 20, 2011

Time Out Chicago, Oncoming Traffic

The good people of Time Out Chicago were nice enough to run an interview with me, posing with cars creeping ominously toward me. (I wish we had video of shooting these pictures, because it was a decent piece of comedy).

The article's just in time for the book release of Life with Mr. Dangerous next Tuesday at The Museum of Contemporary Art. If you're in town, come on by. Or if you're wandering around the next day, head to Comix Revolution in Evanston, where I'll be from 1 to 4 in the afternoon, trying to make sense of the Green Lantern movie costume. Seriously: what?

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hANNES wURST said...

I preordered this comic book at least a year ago, just like Parfit's "On What Matters" btw. and both arrived at about the same time. The book is adorable. It resembles a movie that has not that much happening but still it totally captures you with a sensitive touch - like "Moon" maybe, there are other movies that have this magic but I cannot currently think of one. The artwork is fantastic, most notably the facial expressions which perfectly animate the characters. I feel with the main character Amy and her struggle, I know some of her issues, my wife even more of them (although I could not tell her) and many of my friends have some Amy in them. Thank you for this beautiful work, Mr. Hornschemeier.