Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Life with Mr. Dangerous Limited Edition

Above is the jacket for the Limited Edition Life with Mr. Dangerous, which comes signed, numbered, and includes a piece (a tracing, doodle, etc.) from the production of the book (signed as well). The jacket is screen-printed with four colors.

The Ultra Limited Edition of the book comes with the book, a tracing from the production, and a page of original art from the book itself. AND it comes with a hand-crafted figurine from the book. Egad! Those numbers are very limited (as the name implies!) and running out.

You can pick up either of the editions now for 15% off by going to the Forlorn Funnies Store and entering code TOUR15.

Speaking of the tour: more information to come later today...

(And if you want to see the penciled artwork for the jacket, head over to The Daily Forlorn.)

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