Tuesday, July 21, 2009

San Diego: All and Sundry and Four Face

This Thursday through Sunday, I'll be joining the sea of sweat and often unnerving enthusiasm that is San Diego Comic-Con. I'll be signing All and Sundry – the collection from Fantagraphics that will be debuting at the show – as well as selling copies of the limited run of Four Face.

Four Face is a series of fifty unique books, each containing four original cubist-esque drawings of, you guessed it, faces. No book will have the same contents as any other book, no faces will be repeated. Come by the table and select your favorite (or request yourself cube-ized if I haven't wrapped up the series by then), take it home, hack it apart, hang up the pages if you like. No one can stop you, no one! (cue wringing of hands, maniacal laughter).

Here are the hours we can stare at each other and try to figure out what that guy who just walked by is supposed to be dressed up as... (a hairy smurf? A sentient turd? Wayne Gretzky in a blender?):

Thursday: 3-5PM
Friday: 11AM-1PM
Saturday: 11AM-1PM
Sunday: 12-2PM

See you in San Diego. And remember: spandex probably wasn't a good idea.


emilyeirich said...

"(a hairy smurf? A sentient turd? Wayne Gretzky in a blender?)" - yes, yes and yes. Comic-con must be terrifying and hilarious, terrarious.

Tim said...

Aaaaah, miles of inappropriate spandex. Sounds … fun.

I've only ever been to a few conventions. The worst was when work packed me off to some weird, isolated Fawlty Towers-esque hotel in Torquay during a really bad storm. I'd had enough after about five hours and headed off into the eye of the storm simply because I needed to get away from people who thought I actually gave a damn about Blakes 7.

I ended up spending the evening in a McDonalds.

I hope San Diego treats you better.

Paul Hornschemeier said...

I certainly hope it doesn't treat me any worse... Though Fawlty Towers is an awfully good show (probably less so when when you're staying there).