Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Just Like Flies, Etc.

Ah, the classic 1967 Spider-Man animated show. That theme song. Those flat colors...

I'll admit to having suffered through every last one of these episodes on DVD over the past year (a feat I do not recommend as the repetitious nature of these, particularly toward the end of the series, is too much for one lifetime, let alone one year), and was glad to see that they're available piecemeal from Marvel via the magic of the internet. So watch the evil kitsch that is Doctor Noah Boddy (above), or visit Marvel's site and peruse the nostalgia.

And why not give the Japanese Spider-Man a spin? (Hint: you will absolutely have your life improved in every way by watching this.)


Tim said...

Yeah yeah yeah wow indeed. After watching him bust some inexplicable dance moves in the title sequence, I can't help but think that Japanese Spider-Man would've been equally at home in Fame.

Or an asylum.

The animated series is utterly awful now. Reminds me of the dreadful Dick Tracy animated series where Tracy just sat at a desk and ordered an array of fluffy animals to catch the bad guys for him.

emilyeirich said...
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emilyeirich said...

I love the Japanese spiderman episode! I would like to explain why, but I feel there is no need.