Friday, June 5, 2009

Tonight in Brooklyn, MoCCA this weekend

If you're in town for MoCCA, or just in town to be in town: I'll be signing books and the brand new (above) print at Desert Island in Brooklyn this evening. And I don't know exactly what the below poster is all about, but it's got a lot of great names listed (including Secret Acres, who put out one of my favorite pseudo-recent books: Wormdye by Eamon Espey) and it's apparently after me, so I suppose I'll just have to saunter over to that afterward.

Then on Saturday and Sunday, I'll be signing at the Fantagraphics table at MoCCA. I'll be taking more orders for the aforeposted commissions (my favorite of the batch that came in today involved Patrick Swayze and raining bacon) and trying to remember what I was talking about three minutes ago. I'll be there from 11 to noon on Saturday and 4 to 5 on Sunday. Stop by and hand me a drawing of your mom.

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