Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The House That Whatever You Want Built

As a bit of a stopgap measure while wrapping up Life with Mr. Dangerous and not taking on any major freelance work, I'm running a limited time experiment: leading into MoCCA (June 6 and 7) and for two weeks afterward, I'll be taking commissions for drawing whatever burps out of your mind. The drawings will each be 7 x 8". $50 for black and white, $100 for color work (colored pencil, that is).

Again, this is a limited experiment (if it goes well, possibly I'll do it again some day... if not, then: not). These drawings won't be as developed as finished pages from a book or commercial work, but they'll certainly be far more rendered than anything I scrawl on a title page at a book signing. So do you need that drawing of the Silver Surfer wrestling a herpes cluster? Have you yearned for a turtle with the head of a steam shovel and the feet of Sylvia Plath? Now is the time. Bring out your weird (or your normal, it's your call). But I reserve the right to be equally weird in my execution: yes, your Abe Vigoda riding a snow crab may be done in a cubist style.


Be sure to include your address, any and all details you want me to keep in mind for the drawing (which, I should emphasize is for personal display/use/burning only, not commercial projects), and to whom you want the drawings signed (if anyone). All art will ship via priority mail (shipping is included in the pricing). Allow two weeks from placing the order. Then voila: personalized whatever it is.


Brandon W said...

hooray! This is awesome Paul. Whenever over at Mary's, her "Tick" art makes me a bit jealous.. now (with my freshly submitted request) I can be cool too!


Tim said...

I agree with Brandon - this is totally awesome! I'm off to have a think about what I'd like…

Paul Hornschemeier said...

Wow... I was out most of the day and just saw some of the requests that are pouring in. Odd to say the least. Odd and perfect. I'll be looking forward to whatever tomorrow's batch will be.