Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Show 'N Tell Show: Tomorrow

Tomorrow night: if you're in the Chicago area come out for The Show 'n Tell Show, a rare chance for designers and artists to get together (in front of an audience) and talk about their processes, successes, and failures. I'll be one of those failures, mainly presenting an evolution of the dozens of stages a couple of my books (especially the covers) went through before reaching their final versions.

I'll be taking the stage with myriad designers and artists, among them my good (and nine hundred feet tall) friend, Jay Ryan of the inimitable Bird Machine. The event is hosted by Mike Renaud, fellow Paper Egger Zach Dodson, and Zach's tranny/granny of a bother, Seth. Men in drag talking about book design: what else would you do on a Wednesday?

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