Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Free Schweitzer Day

Thanks to everyone who came by Vault of Midnight this past Saturday. I had some great conversations with geneticists, electrical engineers, and Norm (one of the stalwart staff of VoM who was shockingly familiar with a band I had only recently discovered while used record browsing in Chicago's suburbs: Joy of Cooking).

And an extra massive thanks to Ron and his girlfriend Sara for bringing me a handmade bust of Albert Schweitzer (I had joked in a note that if Ron brought me such a bust I would draw a sketch form him, which I fully intended on drawing regardless). The bust came complete with accessories including a wreath of laurel, a turkey dinner, and a miniature copy of The Three Paradoxes. Pink sunglasses and a royal cloak were crafted as well (though not pictured here).

Thanks again, Ron and Sara. And thanks again to the staff and patrons of Vault of Midnight.

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Ron DelVillano said...

I'm the man.

and I keep meaning to e-mail you, but I don't yet have enough to say that is really worth saying.