Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Elephant and The Bear

Two illustration sets worth perusing by way of Drawn, from Leo Timmers and EH Shepard:

Though I, along with most of the world, am familiar with EH Shepard's Winnie the Pooh art, Leo Timmers (above) was completely new to me. His colors are wonderful, as is his design... And his characters remind me of a sort of three dimensional Richard Scarry.

Bibliodyssey – a blog that's instantly become one of my favorites (for posting these sorts of gems) – has posted some original Winnie the Pooh drawings that exhibit an ease of line that's as humbling as it is gorgeous. I love the Soviet version, but there's just no replacing EH Shepard's simple elegance.

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mhb said...

These are both just what I needed this Thursday morning... Leo Timmers' stuff makes me giggle.