Sunday, July 8, 2007

Vinni Pukh: Commie Cuteness

I stumbled across this after running into the previously posted Bluebeard. Something about this little bear chatting up a pig seemed awfully familiar, and in searching around, I found that, in fact, this was the Soviet Winnie the Pooh. (Did I see remnants of this when I was in Eastern Germany? Am I making this up? Need to research that further...)

There's a ton more of this squat ball of guff here.

The Vinni Pukh cartoons, along with a ton of other amazing work, were made by Soyuzmultfilm. More on that Soviet animation powerhouse later. Until then, enjoy the gravely voiced, unquestionably tougher, communist Pooh.


kaz said...

Yay, keep 'em coming. I love Soviet animation. This metafilter post has some links to similar cool stuff.


Bird and Flower said...

Double Yay, I've watched Nu Pogodi, the Soviet Tom and Jerry. I had no idea Communism was so adorable.,_pogodi!

Anonymous said...

I grew up watching this and many other awesome russian cartoons and when I came here it affected me greatly when approaching american animation, it's a very strange feeling to be able to see the old Russian ones again, I had forgotten just how much their influenced me and shaped my taste, and just how amazing and diverse they were. I hope the studio puts it out on DVD so that I can get a hold of it.