Monday, July 16, 2007

Apparition Commission

A few days prior to the just-posted apparition (a low-grade hallucination while in a bar, just after the Bookslut/Stop Smiling reading with Nick Bertozzi and Austin Grossman... I think the television was showing a commercial for an upcoming broadcast of the movie "Das Boot," but that may be a mistaken perception itself), I was commissioned for a drawing, with the unspecific instructions that the art be whatever came to mind. I considered a few images, had two false starts, but decided ultimately to bring this one to completion. (Though, in the end, the person commissioning the piece opted for a different piece of art entirely; fine by me, as I had grown to like this one and was glad to keep it for a while.)

I removed the wire (mentioned in the original note in my sketchbook), because, well, it just seemed too practical. I wanted this scene, to the non-submerged walker, to be almost mundane, though that removes the subtle paranoia the protagonist in the original note was feeling. Ah well. You can't have it all.

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