Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sugar Booger Re-emerges

Kevin Scalzo's been one of my favorites since I saw the first issue of Sugar Booger years ago. I don't remember where I bought it, and I don't care: I was just glad that it existed. His stories are that strange mix of explosive, cavity inducing color, mindless traipsing, and sweating innocence. That probably doesn't make sense, but, then, neither does Sugar Booger, except that it does, only in a Suger Boogerish way.

I picked up the second issue from Mr. Scalzo himself at MoCCA, along with a sketchbook collection, Sweat Book, that was dated 2006. It's crammed full of the same sort of teetering oddities as Sugar Booger (though missing Sugar Booger's ingenious color)... certainly worth looking into. Welcome back Sugar Booger. We missed your snot.

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