Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Link Burp for 02.16.11

It's high time I started a feature on the blog that is simply a bunch of stuff and bits that I found interesting over the past few days/week, but about which I haven't had the time to write a proper post. Therefore: link burp.

On to some sentences and some links:

• The book is great, but why not listen to the actual recordings of The Hitchcock and Truffaut conversations?

• You've been saying there aren't enough 14-part Star Wars documentaries out there in the world. You can stop saying that quite so much.

• Exciting news for anyone who enjoys The Criterion Collection and the ease of use of Hulu: Criterion comes to Hulu plus.

• Radiohead is releasing their new album this Saturday. Exciting. That they're releasing a "newspaper album" as well? Very exciting. And head-scratch-inducing. What's a newspaper album?

• I enjoy Pantone's colors (I often drink from my favorite Pantone mug). I enjoy cookies. Finally someone made some Pantone Chip Cookies.

• Take a trip around the offices and workspace of Pixar and remind yourself that where you work should always have a secret room triggered by a Shakespeare bust.

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