Friday, December 10, 2010

Newcity's Best of Chicago

Speaking of cubism, I contributed this year's cover for Newcity's annual Best of Chicago issue, which shows some animals, specifically a certain animal favored in the Chicago winter, dissecting a public art piece from Mr. Picasso. Further perversions of the great sculpture are used as section heads through the issue, but I'll save those for people brave enough to suffer the arctic temperatures and pick up a copy downtown. To the frozen, the spoils.

(Bonus points for anyone naming either of the paintings I was looking at (blatantly ripping off) when putting this together.)


Dan Bandstra said...

I'm pretty sure it was either this painting or this one.

About Me said...

You're drawings are wonderful. Here's my chicago rat story. I'm walking down State Street, of course it's cold unless it's unbearably hot and a woman sidles up to me:"don't look now she says,but there's a rat walking with you" I look down and there he is, keeping step as best he can with 3 legs. We all have to become tough in Chicago.

Paul Hornschemeier said...

Dan: the first was definitely one of them... though I wish it was the second one, which is clearly the work of a master.

Nicole: Thanks for the compliment and the story. That sounds like a Chicago rat, alright. "So I gots three legs... what of it?"

Emily said...

Is it this?

Paul Hornschemeier said...

That would be the other one.

Bonus points abound.