Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Revenge of Whatever You Want

To help keep the bills at bay while working on the inaugural issue of Forlorn Funnies, I'm once again running a limited time offer (from now through March 14th) to draw whatever you want. And responding to various e-mails and requests, this time around there are more options.

What are the options? You've got three ways to go: your cubist portrait, three word association, and the classic: whatever you want. (I've also provided a few options for various sizes for people wanting larger works (going all the way up to 18 x24").) To explicate the options a bit: you want to see how your mom and your cat look fractured into a non-fixed perspective? The Cubist Option is your friend. You want to spit out three words of your choosing and see what my brain does with them? Go for the Three Word Option. You need to see the bassist of Slayer throwing lawn darts with a panther? Then it's time to get Whatever You Want. Get it 18x24 and make all the other panthers jealous.

As a reminder: these drawings won't be as developed as finished pages from a book or commercial work, but they'll certainly be far, far more rendered than anything I scrawl on a title page at a book signing. (A few examples of last summer's results are above and below.)


Be sure to include your address, any and all details you want me to keep in mind for the drawing (which, I should emphasize is for personal display/use/burning only, not commercial projects), and to whom you want the drawings signed (if anyone). All art will ship via priority mail. Allow two weeks from placing the order. Then kaboom: your personalized cubist/three-word/whatever it is.


andrea q. said...

i'll go to choose the word option....the on the beach drawn looks so nice on my wall!! :)

L. O. said...

Hey Mr. H,
I know you're a busy man, but is there any chance of this once-in-a-blue moon event happening again sometime soonish?
Had I known earlier this year that I'd need a drawing of whatever I want, I'd have snapped this up right away.

Paul Hornschemeier said...


Feel free to drop me a line and inquire about whatever it is you want. My contact e-mail is in the profile/about me section of the blog.