Friday, October 23, 2009

"The Spoils of The Fair" Today on CellStories

Today you can direct your smart phone's browser to and read "The Spoils of The Fair" from All and Sundry, for free, at your leisure. CellStories is headed by my pal Dan Sinker of Punk Planet magazine, and like anything Dan does, this is another well-conceived and well-executed undertaking.

I'll confess that reading short fiction on a cell phone is something I thought I'd find abhorrent, but after downloading Stanza, perusing, and reading "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" some time ago (not Fitzgerald's best, but quite short), I was an instant convert.

Novels on a phone? No thanks. But short stories have a surprisingly perfect home on your hand held device.

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Tim said...

Ooo, awesome - I shall check it out shortly!

In somewhat related matters, I downloaded an Archie comic app to my iPhone a few weeks back because it was free and I wanted to see how well (or not, as the case may be) it worked. The answer was surprisingly well, apart from a few awkwardly shaped panels that didn't quite fit the screen too well.

That, and the fact that IDW apparently sell more of their Star Trek comics via iTunes than in print, makes me wonder if there's something in this…