Monday, October 12, 2009

ICAF on Presocratic Philosophy

This Thursday through Saturday, if you're looking for an intellectually driven fix of comics, ICAF (The International Comic Arts Forum) will be hosting a series of talks, panel discussions, and artist presentations here in Chicago at The School of The Art Institute.

One of those panel discussions will be "Presocratic Philosophy and Hornschemeier’s The Three Paradoxes" with Toph Marshall of The University of British Columbia. I won't be in attendance (for obvious reasons I'd feel awkward being in the audience), but if you're in the area and feel like attending, the panel is from 9:30 to 11:00 am on Friday, October 16 in the SAIC ballroom.

You can see the full schedule for ICAF 2009 as well as more information on the forum and organization and the guest artists on ICAF's site.

(Thanks to Diana Schutz for passing along the news.)


brad said...

I think you should go disguised as Neil Gaiman.

Paul Hornschemeier said...

I was thinking John should go dressed as me.

For the everyone (most people)who has no idea what we're talking about: