Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Society of Yonlu

I've been waiting to talk about this album until it hit stores. That day is finally here, so:

When I was approached last year to draw the album artwork for this, I'll admit that my initial interest stemmed from it (the album) being released on the David Byrne-founded label Luaka Bop. But it was the music that guaranteed my involvement: this is easily one of the best albums I've heard in years. The depth and maturity of these songs is staggering, and that they were produced by a boy in his middle teen years is humbling to anyone who's ever attempted to craft decent music. Almost no one is this good at this age.

The story behind Yonlu is a tragic loss: these songs are all that is left of the young musician. He committed suicide shortly after most of the songs were recorded. His work was excavated from his computer by his father, who released the album in Brazil. And now, this achingly beautiful collection has made its way here.

I would recommend this album wholeheartedly if I hadn't been involved with it at all. In fact, it is only because I feel so strongly about the album that I worked on it in the first place.

Before purchasing, feel free to go to the Yonlu page on Luaka Bop's site, where you can listen to tracks and see some of the artwork floating around, animated from the 16-page booklet I drew for the album (a sample of which is below).

Then do yourself a massive favor and purchase this album. Right now. Then buy it for a friend.


Tom said...

Nice work and great album. Was listening to the samples at work.

Paul Hornschemeier said...

Thanks, Tom. And gracias, anonymous.