Thursday, April 2, 2009

Opening Tonight: Art, Books, and Prints Galore

Tonight is the opening reception for Cloistered in Crowds at Charles A. Hartman Fine Art, featuring dozens of pages and covers from my books and various projects over the last seven years. I'll be there signing copies of the new hardbound edition of Mother, Come Home and trying to justify all the dejected characters on the surrounding paper.

We'll also have on hand the (above) signed and numbered, 14 x 14", five-color limited edition silkscreen produced for the show. The print's been pre-ordered online at a decent clip, so if you're not going to be at the show and want one, I'd highly recommend ordering now:

Click here to order the print via paypal.

While the gallery owner and installer were putting the show up, I signed and numbered these, and I have to say this is the nicest print in which I've ever had a hand. (A tip of the hat to Kristen Thiele who painstakingly registered and screened the design.)

If you're in Portland or the surrounding area, I'll hope to see you at the opening. If you're in Vancouver or Seattle, I'll see you in the next couple of days. Put on your best slacks and monocle.

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